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A brief history

In 1994, The Southern District of the American Cancer Society created the Cultural Diversity Committee. It was formed to explore the cancer service needs of the under-served population in Dane County. A year later a Latino health issue group was formed and began to survey the health needs of the Latino population. It also developed training programs to respond to cancer concerns. The Council on Latino Health was established in 1996 as a result of this group and was created to address specific cancer and health-related issues facing the Latino community.

Now known as the Latino Health Council (LHC), it has evolved over the years to include other health concerns in addition to cancer. The Council has become a resource for individuals and organizations interested in Latino health.

Our goals

  1. Provide leadership and guidance to community based organizations planning to reach the Latino community.

  2. Assist in providing and promoting education, screening and early detection programs to the Latino community.

  3. Promote access to quality and affordable health care that is culturally and language appropriate.

  4. Strengthen partnerships among community organizations to address health needs in the Latino community.


Initiatives as a result of the latino health council

  • A yearly Latino Health Fair with over 500 people attendance

  • A  weekly radio program in Spanish focusing on Health Education since 2008

  • Community-based programs for breast cancer  education and prevention

  • Annual Community Conference for Chronic diseases (Diabetes and cardiovascular disease)

  • Annual Community Conference for mental health

  • Annual Latino Teen Health Bash

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